My Counseling Approach

     Counseling is a unique opportunity for you to have a consistent, nurturing and strong ally to journey with you in reaching your goals. I have absolute confidence in your ability to know where you need to be emotionally and what you want your life to look like. We will work together tapping into your strengths to help you get there!

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Jess Dale   MA, LMHC, ATR

We all have a fundamental need to feel seen, understood and accepted. And when we experience this kind of understanding or attunement, profound growth and healing are possible. We will work together to expand compassion for parts of yourself that may be hidden and neglected. These are often the places where we carry ambivalence, self-doubt and even shame leaving us with thoughts that can be toxic and isolating. As we find more self-acceptance and the humility that comes with, we are able to extend that dynamic to other aspects of our lives. This frees us up to move beyond our imperfections and creates room for actualizing our capacity to relate, connect and experience love.

     It’s so joyful & satisfying to help folks heal from emotional suffering and to witness how that can transform someones life. After a decade providing counseling and advocacy, I felt compelled to integrate the transformational power of art into my work.  I went on to receive a dual MA in Psychology and for the past 10 years I have since been offering traditional talk therapy & Art Therapy.  I was drawn to doing counseling because I wanted to pass along the kind of support that helped me get past the pain of traumas. Developing a more positive sense of identity around class, gender and sexuality inspired me to share those same tools as a celebration of resiliency.

     My philosophy toward helping is holistic, distinctly honoring your values, goals and perspective as this is part of who you are. While I borrow from many therapeutic approaches, Contextual Existentialism speaks close to my heart. One key element of Existential therapy is the focus on practicing being accepting of ourselves. The Contextual part refers to honoring the systemic realities that we live in and how that impacts our lives and perspective. I often integrate Empowerment oriented therapy that focuses on; validating the truths of your cultural experiences, challenging societal norms that involve marginalization and channeling emotions in a positive & productive way.

~Jess Dale  MA, LMHC, ATR, ACS






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